Increase Visibility for Your Christmas Campaign

Are you running any Christmas campaigns? I’ve outlined a handful of tips you can do to increase visibility for your campaign.

Pin posts to the top of your profile

On the networks that allow it (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Company pages), pinning posts to the top of the page is a great way to bring extra visibility to your Christmas campaign or contest. It is the first thing people will see when they visit your page.

Change profile and header images

Changing your profiles images to a Christmas theme reflecting your campaign is another great way to gain more visibility. Think of these like billboards for anyone who visits your page.

Emphasise strong visual elements in your content

When planning your posts, keep in mind that making it visually appealing is key and will prompt people to react. Use videos, animated GIFs, and images to grab attention.

Specific hashtags

Creating a specific hashtag for your campaign or promotion can give you another way to gauge overall performance and reach. This works best for campaigns where you ask customers to share images, repost messaging etc.

Prompt people to connect emotionally through content

There’s a reason platforms such as Facebook added reactions (love, laugh, wow, cry, and angry) to the Like button and across Twitter. People want to express their emotions when a story evokes different feelings. Your business content has to compete with posts from your audience’s friends and family. Engage your audience by creating highly relatable, emotional, human-interest content that will tug at people’s heartstrings, draw them in, evoke sentiment, or make them laugh. You want your audience to see a post and think, “Hey, that’s me, too!” and help spread awareness.

Use social ads to increase your reach

If your budget allows, utilising social media ads is a quick way to increase the visibility of your campaign. Social ad targeting has become so robust that you can hone in on both your current following and new eyes. Create different audience sets to reach people who will be interested in your product or promotion.

Craft content for maximum shares

The goal of any post is to get a lot of engagement since engagement (especially shares) leads to even more comments, likes, and shares. Be intentional with the content you create. Ideally, I recommend you craft content that’s worthy of amplifying with paid reach. Before publishing, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this post potentially “thumb-stopping” for my audience?
  • Does it capture their attention sufficiently to want to stop, read/watch, engage, and/or share the post?
  • Does it meet the needs of your audience and their audience?

Make landing pages shareable

If you’ve created a landing page specific to your campaign or promotion, don’t forget to include easy ways for participants to share your campaign or promo. Include share buttons and a call to action in order to get people to share.

Track your campaign results

Keep track of your campaign results so that you can improve future efforts. You don’t know where you can go if you don’t know where you’ve been – tracking can help you set benchmarks or recognise areas where more planning is needed to increase visibility for your next marketing push.

If you think it’s too late to run a campaign, it may not be, you just have to act quickly and keep it simple.