LinkedIn Business Marketing Tips

There are a number of ways to market yourself and your business online, but here are a handful of LinkedIn tips that will drastically increase your marketing potential:

  • Complete your profile

Your profile is the heart and soul of your business. It usually ranks in the top 5 of Google search results for “Your First and Last Name”. When others do a search for your name to learn about your product, service, company, or previous work experience, then you’d better have a rock solid profile or that first impression could drastically tarnish your value. Make sure you fill out your profile 100%.

  • Be consistent with your posting

As part of the LinkedIn small business guide, the network shared an interesting stat that relates to how often you should be sharing to LinkedIn. Posting 1 post a day allows you to reach 60% of your audience – that’s 5 times per week, ideally suited to reach the audience on LinkedIn.

Educate and inform instead of interrupt and sell

The majority, nobody cares about your products and services (except you). What people do care about are themselves and how you can solve their problems.

People also like to be entertained and to share in something remarkable. In order to have people talk about you and your ideas, you must resist the urge to hype your products and services on LinkedIn 24/7. Instead, create something interesting that will be talked about online. When you get people talking, they will line up to learn more and to buy what you have to offer.

Social Media can help you grow your business – through building relationships with influencers.

The most important way social media can help you grow your business is through building relationships with influencers. Follow them, share their content, and interact.

Connect with everyone

A number of LinkedIn newbies or purists will say, “You should only connect with those you already know and trust, so you can make recommendations to others when they want an introduction.” Believe me, I understand where these users are coming from, but think about it, you already know all of the opportunities that your closest connections can share since you talk to them more frequently. It’s time to use LinkedIn like a live networking event and introduce yourself to others, make new friends, and start helping more people connect. And don’t forget to accept invitations too to help widen your network further.

Being human should be your No. 1 marketing strategy on LinkedIn.

Engage. Chat. Connect. Share value. Like.

Customise your websites on your profile

This is a basic thing that everyone should do. It’s simple. Creating a call to action attracts more attention then having a generic link that says “My website”. Make it look and sound professional so when people come to your profile they feel inspired to click on your links and go back to your website.

Group discussions

Find LinkedIn groups that have discussions going on in your niche and participate in them!Think of them as independent social networks where you can spread your message, connect with key partners, and take your business to another level.

Put your best foot forward. You don’t have to put all your feet forward at once.

Add your company business page

LinkedIn is constantly enhancing its platform and one of the things that has been lagging, until recently, was the company page section. Now, it allows you to add a video, share more information about your products and services, and give more insights about your company and the people working there.

You have the choice to receive a flood of inbound opportunities for your business and career, or to take the easy way out and not put much energy to improving your profile.

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