Love is in the air!


We love all things marketing, especially social media! We thoroughly enjoy supporting businesses throughout the UK, in a variety of industries, to grow their brand, increase sales and engage with their target audience to name a few.

We’ve created 3 social media management packages that are jam packed with activity, 7 days a week, leaving your businesses company profiles active, engaging, generating brand awareness and showcasing your services. Below is a list of the activities we do every day of the week;

  • We manage your chosen social media profiles and publish unlimited posts per day on each profile – a mixture of text and images including links
  • We create the content for you, 7 days a week so you don’t have too
  • We help get your brand noticed, generate brand awareness and interest
  • Update profile information as and when required
  • Unlimited industry related news articles daily
  • Participate in unlimited hours networking each month
  • Direct potential customers to your website
  • Open line of communication between us
  • A dedicated Social Media Manager
  • Expert advice to build your brand
  • Create conversation topics
  • Grow your connections
  • Post and share videos
  • Spam monitoring
  • SEO benefits

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If you would like to put a pulse back into your companies social media presence, please inbox us directly at or message me now to discuss.